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Entropic Island 

Book designed and edited by Noé Cotter

Soft Cover ink jet, Swiss binding

31X 42,5 cm / 98 pages 

" This project  started as I found myself stuck at my family house during the lockdown. 


The house is located in the country side, on the north shore of lake Neuchâtel, just where the Areuse, the local river reaches the lake.


Since a year now I practice a sport called Free Dive. It’s a form of apnea. You try to stay under water as long as you can and sometimes as deep as you can.


But since then, this practice became more than a sport to me. It has become a quest for meaning.

Because after holding your breath for five minutes with an empty mind, without a sound or voice reaching your mind, it is a kind of near-death experience.


This brings you to the fundamental questions: what is life? Where do I come from? Why is this stone ten thousand times older than me? What the hell am I doing ? 


Obviously, nobody has answers. So I went out to look for them…" 


Latenium Museum Neuchâtel




" The book is symbolically split in three parts, the first one is the water part, the diving part.

It takes place in the lake but also in the depth of the canyon. 


The middle part concerns the objects that I collected, these are my treasures. They are carrying with them the trace of the evolution, of time. 


And the last part, as the first mammal leaving the water to live on lands, we arrive on the shore of the river bank.


The exploration finishes in the caves (Cotencher’s caves), a place where the the first humans once lived… "